Keynote Speakers

1) Dr.-Ing. Burak Yksel
Burak is a hands-on expert in Flight Control, Sensor Fusion and Autonomous Flight, and system and SW development for safety critical applications. 
He was one of the first flight control engineers at Volocopter, and later worked as System Architect and Head of Flight Control and Navigation in that aviation startup in total for 6 years. 
He has worked on various aviation prototypes in different sizes and shapes, and he knows how a prototype becomes a product. His expertise further extends to robotics, SW development and robust communication.
He is a keen follower of current developments in AI, SW and complex electronic HW and their applicability for aviation or other safety critical industres.
He has his PhD in the field of aerial robotics and control theory, he has 12 scientific publications and 39 patents.
He is married and he has 2 kids.

2) H. Metin Ertunc received the B.S. degree from electrical and electronics engineering department at Hacettepe University in 1991 in Ankara, Turkiye. He obtained his MS degree from Systems and Control Engineering Department and PhD. Degree from electrical engineering and computer science department at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, USA, in 1995 and 1999, respectively. He has worked for the Research and Development Department, Turkish Railways Factory, Ankara and for ROBO Automation Factory, Kocaeli. Currently, Dr. Ertunc is a professor at Mechatronics Engineering Department at Kocaeli University. His research interests include automatic control and monitoring systems, fault detection based on signal processing techniques, artificial neural networks, machine learning and deep learnings.

9th International Conference on Natural and Engineering Sciences


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