Dear colleagues,
We are pleased to announce that The 8th International Conference on Natural and Engineering Sciences” will be held online  from 21-23 November  2023. The Conference aims to bring together academic scientists, researchers, research scholars and professionals, in order to exchange and  share their experiences and research results related to Natural and Engineering aspects.

Additionally, it aims to provide an opportunity for researchers to answer some of the challenges in the development of health, environment, society and economy and to outline new solutions for developing them. The main theme includes interrelated issues, each of them calling for a variety of disciplinary approaches.
The Conference will be divided into substantive sessions, providing the opportunity to focus on specific areas from their own prospective and national experiences. The conference will be a great opportunity for academics from a range of disciplines and countries to share their research; to receive informal in-depth feedback through discussions and to establish contact with professionals in other countries and institutions.

We look forward to meeting you at Online Congress.

Chair of Congress
Prof. Dr. Erhan Mutlu 
Akdeniz University, Antalya, Türkiye
Chair of Organizing Committee
Assoc. Prof Dr Majlinda Sana
Aleksander Moisiu University, Durres, Albania

8th International Conference on Natural and Engineering Sciences


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